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Every piece from Pickles Knitwear is lovingly hand made specially for you. Each and ever jumper is unique. 

We started out exclusively making custom pieces. This has evolved into a collection of best selling knitwear. 

Today you can either buy a made-to-order jumper chosen from the website or design your very own dream piece, or a combination of the two. If you cant decide we're always happy to help.

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At Pickles we take an enormous amount of time and care sourcing super soft, environmentally friendly, long lasting yarn for all our knitwear in beautiful vibrant colours to elevate your wardrobe. 

In a world of fast-fashion, its good to stop and think about how the clothes you buy impacts the planet. Made-to-order creates a slower, higher-quality, alternative to the mass produced clothing. Reducing waste and surplus stock is a huge priority at Pickles Knitwear. 

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